Monday, March 07, 2011

Murnal Blog

The author of Murnal Blog himself is an aspirant. He is taking up very pertinent queries on his blog. I have subscribed to his blog. I generally do not recommend any other identity. However, in his case, I have found that he has taken up such questions and queries that are sought by new aspirants and answered them in a very effective manner.

It seems that he has been associated with a website India Officer. He has borrowed material from numerous sources especially like In one of his write up, he has remarked that the people do not like to read the manuals. They require specific information. Now, it is here, that many bloggers like us are becoming useful. Before, recommending anything read the whole material yourself. Understand the requirement and then share the information. There are many e-books which I have been sharing only when some of you have approached me on phone or through email. However, in his case, as he seems to know some tweaking with html, xml and good understanding of free resources (, But I am bit reluctant to use every free resource on the internet), he has developed a better blog and assembled a good assortment of widgets and IT resources.

I strongly recommend that new aspirants subscribe to his blog if you are new to preparation. He takes up very pertinent questions and answer them in simple, short and effective manner. Let us hope, he continues  to blog and post with same zeal, integrity and approach.  Click HERE to REACH MURNAL 
(He seems to have good knowledge of capital market. Must be indulging in speculation and capital investment. He is from Gujarat!!! No apology to the person as it is a light hearted comment.)


  1. hello sir,
    it is same Mrunal here!
    my new website address is

  2. Dear Murnal,

    It is great to receive a message from you.
    I will project you new address on my blog.

  3. Cut off marks of 2013 Prelims

  4. sir i want study plan for polity

  5. sir i want study plan for polity


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